280,616 acts of kindness have been completed.

Seek Inspiration and Spread Kindness!

Our Kindness Kits are meant to jumpstart your imagination and help you get on the path to doing good for your community with inspirational items like postcards, flower seed cards, stickers and additional ideas for acts of kindness you can do.

Our virtual kit is available anytime to help get you started. We’ll unveil more kit options in October 2023 for the next Kindness Campaign!


Download Your Kindness Kit
Download a Virtual Kindness Kit to help give you some ideas on how to be kind and what you can do to better your community.

Every box is a $5 dollar donation to our kind parnters

Haven't completed your acts of kindness yet? Here's how you can start.

Step 1

Get Your Kit

Download our Virtual Kit and you can spread kindness wherever, whenever!

Step 2

Be Kind

Get your friends, family and community involved by committing to kindness together. Every act of kindness, no matter how small or large, made the world and our communities a better place.

Step 3

Share With Us

Visit the Submissions Page. You can submit your acts at one time or as you complete them, and know that we are grateful for your kindness!

Thank you for helping us reach our goal of 250,000 acts of kindness — representing one act for each of our members.


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